Why did God choose the Middle East and Europe for his revelation and leave the rest of the world until much later?

Jesus was born in the geopolitical area known today as the Middle East. He was born a Jew. Today, with our global consciousness the Judeo-Christian scriptures can sound exclusive or at least preferential to the Middle East especially with how often Israel is mentioned. However, but with a closer look this specificity is actually an affirmation by God of all humanity. To become “incarnate”, to become one of us and one with us,  God had to become flesh and blood and so had to be born in a specific time and place. God chose a small, poor nation of nomads who were regularly conquered as the group of human beings that others would look at and see God. God promised to be with them, guide them, and protect them, and gave them the gift of the law to show all humanity how to live in peace and justice. God chose this nation that was weak politically, economically, and militarily so that the world would know their victories were not due to their own efforts but their reliance on God. Jesus was born online casino a member of this community and was handed over by his own people and was executed for treason by the Roman state and is in solidarity with all oppressed people. Jesus’ resurrection from the dead freed people from their sins and the fear of death. This “good news” that God is more powerful than any ruler or even than the grave spread from the Middle East to Greece and Rome and then out through the world through the travels of Jesus’ earliest followers.

However, God is and has always been present to all peoples of the world and seekers of every nation have found TRUTH. That is why all the world’s great religions have so much in common. This is especially true in relationship to moral codes which are over ninety percent in agreement of how we should treat one another.Despite the great diversity of religious rituals and spiritual practices from Sufi’s whirling dervishes, the Trappist pattern of silence and manual labor, Zen mantras,  counting beads and preaching sermons, the world’s great religious traditions all offer paths for spiritual growth deepening believers’ spiritual connection to God. Today we are communicating more and learning from each other.

Pastor Gail