A Valentine’s Reflection on Marriage Equality

It was not but a year ago that I myself witness the reaction of anger from an L.G.B.T student who didn’t take kindly to the condemning of homosexuals from an street preacher. Both persons exchanged harsh words and insults then proceeded on with their day. To think that it was only 70 years prior that homosexuals faced much harsher discrimination from their friends, family and employers. To this day, gay and lesbian children are being thrown out of their homes. When I hear the arguments from all sides I see no clarity between faith and fairness, God”s justice and our law. From personal experience, L.G.B.T people haven”t been a topic of discussion in my house, at school, or in general. I barely even know any gay or lesbian people in my life that I could call my friends or colleagues. The first time I met a gay man was in my first day of high school. On the very first day he came onto me like a frat boy trying to hook up with a girl at party. I turned him down flat astonished at his brazenness, this is my only experience with the L.G.B.T community. My position on marriage equality is that I have no position. As a person of faith I struggle with the conflicting interpretations of the teachings of Christ and the controversial issue of same sex equality. In cases like these its difficult not to feel like I”m a stranger to God, lost and confused on whether I should be on either side.

What is love but an abstract concept of human relations. True, but it’s more than that. Love is a link between two people”s souls, minds, hearts, and bodies? This connection of love is not concrete and cannot be seen or touched by human hands. There’s no red thread that binds a couple (common myth in Japan), nor is there a ball and chain that keeps the covenant of marriage alive. This force that makes or breaks a romantic bond is so fragile online casino in its nature. The medium for this energy dwells in the Holy Spirit. Love is written in a language that defies logic and transcends all mathematics and thought. A union of two bodies strengthens that bond weaving theirs souls together in a closer understanding of each other. This strength of this bond has been demonstrated to defy the most strenuous of conditions and human suffering. When a relationship is given God’s blessing only death can break this love. In the words of our Lord Christ Jesus “… For this reason a man shall leave his father and mother and be joined with his wife, and the two shall become one flesh? So then they are no longer two flesh, but one. Therefore what God has joined together, let no man separate” (Mark 19 4-6). For this reason I could never accept the notion that anyone could have the choice of whom they love no more than you could choose which parents you have. Which makes this question even harder than it already is to answer. Husband and wife, right? But what about the nearly 10% of us who feel attractions to the opposite sex, does this apply to them? Like U.S. Law, biblical law is applied based on the interpretation that best fits. Because our views are doomed to be flawed many different verdicts can be derived from the same quote. The problem lies in exclusively in the interpretation of the law.

In order to illustrate the problem I will refer to a court case State of Florida v. Debaun. In this court case Debaun a gay man misinformed his partner of his HIV status before engaging in sex. Debaun even provided a document claiming that he was HIV-negative when in fact he was HIV-positive. This is illegal under the section 384.24(2) which makes it clear that infected peoples must provide their status to potential partners. Debaun public defender argued in court that the law”s definition of “sexual intercourse” did not include anal or oral sex. This prompted a dismissal of the charges, the case went up to the third court of appeals and the decision was reversed. The State of Florida has asked the Supreme Court to decide the case. But in this situation the interpretation of the definition of sexual intercourse is the main argument. This disagreement over the interpretation has yielded at least two different decisions between two courts. The supreme court will be the deciding vote for the case, but in case of marriage equality between hetero and L.B.G.T there is no deciding vote or final doctrine. The only one who could settle the dispute is the author Himself, but he is not talking very much these days. So for every person who is sure of their position there are those who are on the fence, lost asking that age old question, What Would Jesus Do?

Tony Dallas

Peer Minister LCM

February 6, 2015

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