Many of you know that my parents passed away this summer. My parents were born on the same day June 12th, two years apart. This summer we had a family reunion to celebrate my mothers 88th birthday and my fathers 90th birthdays. Our immediate family all came and we ate giant lobsters.   My Mother

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Sermon Nugget: Faith Is A Trust Walk With God

Education is for exploration. There is fantastic training for professions at SU, congratulations to all  of you who have this tremendous opportunity. But the pressure to find a major and focus on what you will do in the future can rob you of the greatest benefits this great university has to offer. Vocation is not

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Freshly Pressed Newsletter

We are sending out our first newsletter in sometime! In the newsletter, you’ll get a taste of  events from this academic year and updates about recent gatherings, celebrations, successes, and challenges. Click Our 2014 July Newsletter to see the full finished product!

My Place

Onondaga lake is 4.6 miles long and .93 miles wide. It”s all beautiful. The park is a busy happy place online casino for bikers, skaters, dog walkers and others.  I enjoy it all, but there is a spot up north that”s cool and quiet. That”s my place. Where”s yours?  

Senior Sendoff

May brings graduation – lots of joy but also sadness saying good-bye.  Sunday –  May 4th, please come to worship at Noon in the Noble Room at Hendricks.  We will  give thanks for all their experiences here and the lessons they taught us. We will send them into the next step of their adventure in life with our

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Street Preachers

From personal experience I can say that this type of preaching of condemnation of average people could facilitate many responses most of which are disgust, anger, shame or outright dismissal. It was not but a year ago that I myself witness the reaction of anger from an L.G.B.T student who didn”t take kindly to the

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Holy Week

Why Do Christians Celebrate Holy Week? Christian life is based in the life of Christ.  Holy Week is the time set apart each year for Christians to “remember” the final events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, which show that Jesus was the Christ (the anointed one of God – sent to bring us

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Why did God choose the Middle East and Europe for his revelation and leave the rest of the world until much later?

Jesus was born in the geopolitical area known today as the Middle East. He was born a Jew. Today, with our global consciousness the Judeo-Christian scriptures can sound exclusive or at least preferential to the Middle East especially with how often Israel is mentioned. However, but with a closer look this specificity is actually an

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100th Anniversary Potluck

On October 21st, LCM started celebrating its 100 yrs with a fantastic kick off event at St. Paul’s Lutheran Church. The event brought together people from the church, community and University.  There was a painted pumpkin auction, an apple themed basket auction, a historical presentation by Tom Henry and delicious food, of course!