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In the Christian calendar Halloween falls on the eve of All Saints Day (All Hallows Day) when the saints and martyrs are honored and remembered, and the power of death is acknowledged and defied. In America it is widely celebrated with customs (costumes, and tricks and treats and candles) which have spiritual meanings for Christians and Pagans that are unknown to most of those who celebrate the holiday.

The great nbso online casino reviews popularity of Halloween is I believe connected to its religious roots and because of the great value it has of ritually facing death. When you put on a costume you get beyond the limits of your everyday persona. You get to try on something new (dying to the old) without making a commitment to it – and if you include a mask – you can even be incognito. And your physical mask frees you from any and all of the social masks you daily wear. And if your pretend persona is scary you gain the added value of exposing your inner demons to the light where they lose some of their power over you. You can be a princess or an ogre, what is your fantasy this year?

…. and then there is the chocolate – no pencils in my bag please.

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