Holy Week

Why Do Christians Celebrate Holy Week?

Christian life is based in the life of Christ.  Holy Week is the time set apart each year for Christians to “remember” the final events in the life of Jesus of Nazareth, which show that Jesus was the Christ (the anointed one of God – sent to bring us forgiveness and new life.

Holy Week begins with Palm Sunday – when Jesus enters the city of Jerusalem – the center of religious and secular power-  the people greet him with joy and adulation – ready to crown Jesus their King- believing that God will fight on their side to overthrow the Romans, who have occupied their country.  But Jesus will not lead an armed revolution – and many reject or turn against him.  On Holy Thursday Jesus gathers with his closest followers for the annual Passover Meal. Knowing He will soon be arrested, he says goodbye and gives them his last will and testament. This includes remembering charging them with remember him with bread and wine and commanding them to be servants to others. He takes the nbso online casino reviews role of a slave and washes their feet as the example of what they are to do. On Good Friday, we tell the story of Jesus being arrested, tortured, and dying on the cross. On Holy Saturday, at the Easter Vigil, we tell the stories from the Hebrew Scriptures that point to the coming of a Messiah. Then with great joy we celebrate that God raised Jesus from the grave, defeating the power of death.

Remembering Jesus’ life death and resurrection puts our human lives in perspective. We believe that we are free from fear and free to love; building communities where justice is done and peace reigns, even when we like Jesus must suffer for it. Jesus is King for every time and place. Holy Week inspires Christians to renew their faith remembering that in the end love is stronger than death’s embrace.

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