Many of you know that my parents passed away this summer. My parents were born on the same day June 12th, two years apart. This summer we had a family reunion to celebrate my mothers 88th birthday and my fathers 90th birthdays. Our immediate family all came and we ate giant lobsters.

photo (2)photo 1   My Mother passed away July 12 and my Father passed away just 6 weeks later. They shared 67 years of marriage together. The last words my Father spoke were to his caregiver at 1:30 in the morning were; “Launa get me my pouch”, (where he kept his keys and drivers licence) she said “no Mr. Danny we are home” he then said “Doll,Doll, Dolly”s here its time to go, get me my bag”. Launa got him a pillow and put it in his arms. He had gone blind two days before. Holding the pillow he went to sleep. He took his last breath the next morning at 11:31 AM and awoke to his new life. It is a great comfort to me that his experience of death included a vision of my mother coming to help him transition into eternal life. I nederlandsegokken online casino want everyone to know how much it means to hear from friends and family at the time a loved one dies. We are so blessed to have one another in this life, I want to thank everyone who held us in prayer. A shout out to LCM/STEP Center student leaders who carried the first two weeks of the semester while I was with my family. Grief is a long process. Our relationship to our parents is complex. I feel like a new person entering a new stage in my life with both of my parents gone. In my blog I will share my thoughts and experiences about this process over the course of the year.

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