LCM 2012 Distinguished Disciples: Rev Craig Herrick

Pastor Herrick is a graduate of Hamilton College and LTSP. He has fond memories of campus ministry at Hamilton, under the leadership of Chaplain Joel Tibbetts, who might have been a Disciple of Christ minister or maybe from the UCC? Funny, he remembers the man and his hospitality but not the denomination.

During the year of hospital orderly work between college and seminary, he does remember the denomination of the patient who one night after visiting hours asked him pointedly “What kind of Christian are you?” That Weslyean Methodist, after several subsequent heart attacks, was able to read the Gospel at Pastor Herrick”s ordination. The man”s funeral was the same day Pastor Herrick buried the matriarch at his first parish. Hand of a loving God?

It seemed good, right and proper then, that the interview committee of the Upper New York Synod of the LCA who cleared him, provisionally and with reservation, for a first year at seminary, should note that “Mr. Herrick seemed to be theologically at sea and was unable to articulate a Lutheran understanding of the faith”.

Some might say that”s still the case?

Ordained in 1979 in his home parish at Atonement/Oneonta he followed the Rev. John Kisselburgh and his 48 year ministry at Immanuel/Clay. He served those people and that parish for a wonderful, growth-filled 13 years…the second longest tenure in Onondaga County”s first congregation. They taught the rookie pastor so much that he is forever in their debt.

He served as Dean of the Central Crossroads Conference from the inception of the ELCA until 1992, during which time he took three… or was it four… unsuccessful candidates through the call process at First English online casino Lutheran Church/Syracuse. That parish was vacant for a painful three years until, wait for it, they called Pastor Herrick who began his ministry there in August of 1992. He continues to serve on the corner of James and Townsend and the saints in and around FEL have taught him so much that he is forever in their debt.

Over the past 33 years in Central New York, it”s possible that Pastor Herrick has done the interim work during each of LCM at SU”s times of transition. He wonders if Pastor Ken Heuermann had that in mind when he encouraged the newly ordained Herrick to get active on the Hill. Don”t you always do what Pastor Heurermann tells you to do?

He has served on the Board as it”s president and in various other capacities and on every call committee and several review teams over the last 3 decades.


In addition, Ten Tons of Love and The STEP Center came into being as a direct result of his involvement with campus ministry.

He is also the guy that snared the BMW for this event a few years ago as a special auction item.

So where”s the hot car this year, Herrick?

Pastor Herrick recently completed 10 years on the Synod Council, more than two consecutive terms which should raise some red flags in Camillus and continues to chair the Lutheran Charities Appeal until somebody steps up and says “Enough already, I”ll do it from now on.”

He and his first wife Lizbeth, a principal in the Liverpool High School, have two adult sons, Jake, married to Kerry and Sam. Together, they are raising their third Golden Retriever, Hudson. That”s one spoiled dog till the grandchildren arrive. Hint. Hint.

When he”s not writing what sounds like an obituary, he collects and sells fine quality antiques, does some interior design with Liz and savors fine quality bourbons.

He is deeply grateful for this honor and eager to get out of the third person. He is also deeply concerned that when his co-honoree retires, folks will find out she really runs the show and that she probably can articulate a Lutheran understanding of the faith.

Maybe it”s cause she”s hung around him for so long, but he doubts it.

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