Summer Internships – ecommerce, marketing, grant writing July-August

Internships to support : Solar Solutions for Mexico project to bring affordable solar technology to villages in rural Jalisco, Mexico, one village at a time. We electrify homes with stand-alone solar systems that come with 2 LED lights and a UV filter to purify water. These systems are produced in Mexico, and a partner NGO takes care of their installation and maintenance. Children can finally study in the evenings, not impaired by smoke from burning candles and kerosene lamps. Schools, medical centers and community spaces also benefit from our initiative. To meet their needs, larger more powerful solar panels are donated from Germany, where we formed a strategic partnership with another NGO. Solar electricity brings clean light to schools and connects both teachers and students to the outside world via solar PCs. With solar electricity, オンライン カジノ hospitals can store life-saving medicines in solar fridges.  Light in community centers allows grown-ups to use their evenings productively: charge their radios and cell phones or take evening literacy classes. Access to clean light empowers the community, especially women, who can work on their handicrafts in the evening as a source of income. To help families pay for solar products, we purchase handicrafts fair trade from local women and merchandize them through our NGO in the US. We cut out the middle man and all proceeds go back to benefit the community in Mexico. We bring economic, social, and environmental benefits to the community through solar technology.

Job Description – Marketing Intern.pdf

Job Description – Grant-Writing Intern.pdf

Job Description – E-Commerce Intern.pdf

All summer internships will participate in Syracuse University Sandbox Program. CONTACT to apply.

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