Sermon Nugget: Faith Is A Trust Walk With God

Education is for exploration. There is fantastic training for professions at SU, congratulations to all  of you who have this tremendous opportunity. But the pressure to find a major and focus on what you will do in the future can rob you of the greatest benefits this great university has to offer. Vocation is not just your career choice, Luther says that we are gifted with special interest, responsibilities, and talents in our personal lives; such as family and dorm life, and our roles as citizens, I.e. members of a community, voters, faith community, as well as work in the world. Even if you are certain of your career path, my prayer for you is that you will explore wine tasting, to economics, to scuba diving, to poetry, to global studies. Even if you are an Engineer. Lots of ways to explore the world around you.

Welcome to SU! I love to hear about your opening adventures. My office is on the lower level of Hendricks Chapel, Room 005. Its the first door on the right in the Chaplain’s Suite.

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