Street Preachers

  1. Street Preachers

From personal experience I can say that this type of preaching of condemnation of average people could facilitate many responses most of which are disgust, anger, shame or outright dismissal. It was not but a year ago that I myself witness the reaction of anger from an L.G.B.T student who didn”t take kindly to the condemning of homosexual acts from an elderly preacher. Both persons exchanged harsh words and insults then proceeded on with their day. To me this method of drawing people closer to the Christ doesn”t seem very effective, quite the opposite it”s counterproductive to the cause of Christianity. Most students just ignore the elderly preacher, refuse his pamphlets and go on with nbso online casino reviews their day. Some seek satisfaction in mocking his efforts through various means. Seeing this leaves you to question his motives. Why do they dedicate their time and effort out of their day to draw in converts? Why use fear as a means of motivation? Why bother at all?

I have some thoughts, and I want to hear yours.

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– Tony Dallas, Class of 2015


3 comments on “Street Preachers”

  1. Tony Dallas

    To answer this question we need to first understand the street preacher’s possible views on life. The negative pictures on those pamphlets he passes out, the one that depict the terrible sinner being eating alive by demons acts as a mirror for their own personal nightmare. What do you think he sees standing on the corner of Marshall and University Ave students, parents, young teenagers, and married couples? No he sees damned souls walk further towards their horrid fate. He drowns himself in the evils of the world without pay any attention to good in people’s hearts, the good works we do, and the compassion we hold for one another.

  2. Anon

    Regardless of religion or whatever sort of god or gods that may or may not be out there, that guy on the street is hating. He is broadcasting his hatred and regardless of his motives there’s no need for people with ignorant and irrational hatred of people who are in a position in life they did not ask for… in my mind.

    • Pastor Gail

      I know that the man’s actions were reprehensible and offensive, but on some level if you’re a christian, orthodox Jew, Muslim or Spiritualist you do have some foundational ethics that come with those beliefs. So my question is do you think he believe he practices what he preaches, is he self-reflecting, or is even sincere in his beliefs? Do you think he is a follower of Christ the Man? And most importantly why does he preach in fear?

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