The Student Community For All

CuseConnect, previously called the SU Lutheran Student Association (SULSA), provides community activities for students who may or may not be Lutheran, their friends, and guests. Come get out of the dorms and hang out in the Parsonage! Make some new friends and chill a bit. Food? Of course! SULSA meets each week. Sometimes students cook dinner at Pastor Gail’s house, just a block from campus. Sometimes we tackle questions over a food court meal in the Goldstein student center, sometimes we pack a picnic and go on a hike, and once a month we invite a faculty member or community leader to a full course dinner in exchange for them leading us in a discussion on a contemporary issue.

Weekend Woodland Retreat

Thursday Group Dinner

Screening of Abigail Disney’s Award-Winning Documentary

Screening of Abigail Disney’s Award-Winning Documentary