The Lutheran Campus Ministry at Syracuse University is very active. We are always putting on new events and we welcome you to read up on our events and hear about all...

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Worship provides a chance to take a break from the chaos of every day life to reflect, rejoice, and give thanks. LCM holds worship every Sunday at noon in the Noble Room of...

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The Lutheran Campus Ministry has left its lasting mark on both this school and the surrounding community in a number of ways (and will certainly continue to do so throughout the future):

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Lutheran Campus Ministry

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) at SU and SUNY-ESF is a dynamic community, rooted in worship, that natures growth and inspires service in the name of Christ. LCM partners with students, their families, and past and present members of the University, congregations, and community organizations to encourage the integration of faith and life. Our mission at Syracuse has really been remarkable-and always on the cutting edge-always witnessing to the wideness of God’s mercy and grace. Always active-showing in Word and Deed God’s Love for us is complete and comes with no strings attached.

Welcoming Our Neighbors: Reformation Day Banquet 2018

Our annual LCM Reformation Day Banquet was held at the Genesee Grande Hotel on October 28th, 2018. It was a truly inspiring night with our keynote speaker Beth Broadway and distinguished disciples Bonny McCabe and Rev. Marie C. Jerge.

Beth Broadway, President/CEO of InterFaith Works, shared with us the experience of seeing her mother courageously stand up against those opposing school integration. This sparked her commitment to the work she does to this day. In addition to inspiring all who attended, we thank her for introducing and endorsing the STEP Center programs offered this year. She encouraged all of us to be active agents in bringing, understanding, and acceptance to all people as an end note.

Youth Minister Bonny McCabe inspired us by sharing the joy she finds in her volunteer work. In her commitment to faith, she demonstrates a balance in personal, family and communal relationships. She admitted this is not always easy, but it is something she would never change if she had to do it over again. Her heartfelt stories and experiences were not only motivational, but also uplifting.

Rev. Marie C. Jerge is an ordained minister of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America, former bishop of the Upstate NY Synod, ELCA; a Spiritual Director; and Dean of the yearly Lutheran Summer Gathering at Silver Bay. Former Bishop of New Jersey, The Rev. Roy Riley, introduced her and read the prayer Marie gave to the conference of Bishops before they took the historic vote for full inclusion of the LGBTQ community. He believes her Trinitarian prayer transformed the spiritual chemistry in the room before the debate took place. We experienced the prayer as relevant to us today as we grapple with change together.

Lutheran Campus Ministry thanks all who attended and hope the event inspired many more to become more involved with our programs and community!