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STEP Center

The Center offers both short and long term service opportunities, including those tied to participant’s fields of study.


Providing a chance to reflect, rejoice, and appreciate

WORSHIP activity

LCM holds workship every Sunday at noon in the Nobel Room of Hendricks Chapel with brunch(starting at 1 p.m)

Campus Connect

Building a student-run association organization

Campus Connect Organiztaion

Ideas are shared. Friendships are born. It is a space for reflection, dancing, laughter, and cooking.

I’m from San Francisco, California and I moved to Denver, Colorado when I was 11. I claim both places as home. Growing up my family and church, always participated in community service events. My favorite events were the Crime and Drug prevention march and severing weekly meals to the less fortunate. As a junior at Syracuse University, I am a Dual Major in Television, Radio and Film and Information Management with a minor in Applied Statistics. I want to use my degree in data mining and analytics. During my freshman year, I was a part of the Alternative Spring Break with Hunger and Homeless in Washington D.C. On this trip, I got the opportunity to spend a full day in the shoes of a homeless woman trying to sell a newspaper, written by the homeless population in the city. I’m passionate about helping the greater community, especially those so often ignored and I know that being the STEP director will be a great way to do this. I’m excited for a great year!
Brittany Moore, 11/14/2019
I am from Utica, NY, which is just an hour east of Syracuse. Growing up in Utica, I am very blessed to not only have a wonderful biological family, but also a wonderful Church family. So far at Syracuse, I have found a wonderful Church family at my home away from home. As a freshman, I plan to triple major in political science, economics, and policy studies. I am not completely sure of what I want to do with my degree, but I hope to help others and serve my community in whatever field I choose. I have participated in several wonderful events, including the SU Hunger Games, which is a 24 hour fasting and community service event. This experience has shaped my outlook on helping others and serving those in the community who are in need. I am incredibly excited to experience my remaining years at SU!
Christopher Pulliam, 10/14/2019

Kaitlyn Kelleher is a part of the 2017 Class of the College of Arts and Sciences. She is in the pre-medicine program and is majoring in biophysics. For Lutheran Campus Ministry Kaitlyn acts as Treasurer and Secretary. Outside of LCM, Kaitlyn is involved with the Ultimate Frisbee team, the Syracuse University Marching Band, the Sour Citrus Pep Band, and Sigma Alpha Iota. At home in New Hampshire Kaitlyn is a part of her churches choir and Youth Group, and on campus she is thrilled to have her Lutheran family!

Kaitlyn Kelleher, 8/17/2019
My name is Samuel Mbaja. I come from Mfangano Island on Lake Victoria in Kenya. I am a graduate student in social policy (educational policy) with a particular interest in the use of technology to educate children/adults with various categories of disabilities in East Africa. I am also a social justice advocate for marginalized groups in Kenya. We work with other like-minded people and groups to promote social peace to create an enabling environment for economic activities aimed at lifting the standards of living of poor people of whom people with disabilities are the majority.
As a person preparing for a life of ministry, I cherish the weekly spiritual nourishment that I partake of at the Sunday service and the Wednesday Bible studies. Community outreach programs initiated by LCM/Office of Engagement Programs have greatly enhanced my confidence as an educator. It allows me to work with groups from low-income backgrounds around Syracuse University. I tutor newly arrived young refugees in basic math and English language skills in preparation for their entering mainstream American educational system- an experience that is more fulfilling than any other activity I have ever engaged in.
Samuel Mbaja, 10/15/19

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