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Lutheran Campus Ministry in Syracuse (LCM) is a Progressive, Inclusive Christian Community that engages students in Service and Dialogue.


Providing a chance to reflect, rejoice, and appreciate

WORSHIP activity

LCM holds worship every Sunday in the Nobel Room of Hendricks Chapel followed by dinner (Worship starting at 5:30 p.m)

Thursday Fellowship and Dinner

at 100 Startford Dr (100 Berkeley)

Join LCM for Fellowship and Dinner, gathering at 7pm, Thursdays, at 100 Stratford Drive (100 Berkeley Dr)

Campus Connect

Building a student-run association organization

Campus Connect Organization

Ideas are shared. Friendships are born. It is a space for reflection, dancing, laughter, and cooking.

It has been a great experience volunteering with Success Saturday Program. It is vital to cultivate youth confidence so that they can pursue all of their aspirations and more. I hope to empower others to use their strengths to impact the world. It feels great to know that the connections I have built in Lutheran Campus Ministry have continued outside our student ministry. The leadership skills I have gained from my participation with the Lutheran Campus Ministry will serve as a stepping stone for leadership positions I acquire in the future.
Noelle Rowe '19
The variety of subjects taught at Success Saturday gave me, an international student, a glance of the impressive breadth of knowledge of secondary education in US. To name a few I have helped with, in no particular order: Biology, Macroeconomics, Accounting, Statistics, Algebra, Geometry, Geology, American History, US Constitution and political system, Shakespeare, Hemingway… Helping with essays, regents, online assignment. Looking back, I felt as much of a tutor to them, as the students were to me. I am fortunate to call many of the students I tutored or mentored, and folks who I knew through LCM my closest friends. Among them, Sah Poe is like the cool, funny and mature brother I never had. Being both huge soccer fans and players, we used to play on campus or in the city on the weekends.  I will forever cherish the memories at LCM Syracuse.
William Xiao '19
As a person preparing for a life of ministry, I cherish the weekly spiritual nourishment that I partake at the Sunday service and the Wednesday Bible studies. Community outreach programs initiated by LCM/Office of Engagement Programs have greatly enhanced my confidence as an educator. It allows me to work with groups from low-income backgrounds around Syracuse University. I tutor newly arrived young refugees in basic math and English language skills in preparation for their entering mainstream American educational system – an experience that is more fulfilling than any other activity I have ever engaged in.
Samuel Mbaja, 8/17/2019
Growing up in Utica, I am blessed to have an excellent biological family, and a great Church family. So far at Syracuse, I have found a wonderful Church family at my home away from home. As a freshman, I plan to triple major in political science, economics, and policy studies. I am not entirely sure of what I want to do with my degree, but I hope to help others and serve my community in whatever field I choose. I have participated in several wonderful events, including the SU Hunger Games, which is a 24-hour fasting and community service event. This experience has shaped my outlook on helping others and serving those in the community who are in need. I am incredibly excited to experience my remaining years at SU!
Christopher Pulliam, 10/14/2019

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