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Stepping into another’s world to make a difference

STEP Center

The Center offers both short and long term service opportunities, including those tied to participant’s fields of study.


Providing a chance to reflect, rejoice, and appreciate

WORSHIP activity

LCM holds worship every Sunday in the Nobel Room of Hendricks Chapel with brunch(starting at 5:30 p.m)

Campus Connect

Building a student-run association organization

Campus Connect Organization

Ideas are shared. Friendships are born. It is a space for reflection, dancing, laughter, and cooking.

It has been a great experience volunteering with Success Saturday Program. It is vital to cultivate youth confidence so that they can pursue all of their aspirations and more. I hope to empower others to use their strengths to impact the world. It feels great to know that the connections I have built in Lutheran Campus Ministry have continued outside our student ministry. The leadership skills I have gained from my participation with the Lutheran Campus Ministry will serve as a stepping stone for leadership positions I acquire in the future.
Noelle Rowe '19
The variety of subjects we deal with at Success Saturday gives me a glance at life in secondary education in the US. From biology to economics, accounting to statistics, Geometry, Geology, American history, political system, essays, regents, online assignments, literature from Hemingway, and Shakespeare. That’s just what I remembered helping with.
The level of connection I feel to the students has made tutoring easier. It has given me patience, much more patience than I thought I had in me. With that, I am surprised myself, among other things. I also made many great friends there. Among them, Sah Poe has become a second brother to me. Being both huge soccer fans and talented players, we play at SU every weekend.
William Shaw '20
As a person preparing for a life of ministry, I cherish the weekly spiritual nourishment that I partake at the Sunday service and the Wednesday Bible studies. Community outreach programs initiated by LCM/Office of Engagement Programs have greatly enhanced my confidence as an educator. It allows me to work with groups from low-income backgrounds around Syracuse University. I tutor newly arrived young refugees in basic math and English language skills in preparation for their entering mainstream American educational system – an experience that is more fulfilling than any other activity I have ever engaged in.
Samuel Mbaja, 8/17/2019
Growing up in Utica, I am blessed to have an excellent biological family, and a great Church family. So far at Syracuse, I have found a wonderful Church family at my home away from home. As a freshman, I plan to triple major in political science, economics, and policy studies. I am not entirely sure of what I want to do with my degree, but I hope to help others and serve my community in whatever field I choose. I have participated in several wonderful events, including the SU Hunger Games, which is a 24-hour fasting and community service event. This experience has shaped my outlook on helping others and serving those in the community who are in need. I am incredibly excited to experience my remaining years at SU!
Christopher Pulliam, 10/14/2019

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