Welcoming All, Serving Others

Lutheran Campus Ministry (LCM) at SU and SUNY – ESF is a dynamic community, rooted in worship, that nurtures growth and inspires service in the name of Christ. LCM partners with students, their families, and past and present members of the University, congregations, and community organizations to encourage the integration of faith and life.

Our mission at Syracuse has really been remarkable-always witnessing to the wideness of God’s mercy and grace. Always active-showing in Word and Deed God’s Love for us is complete and comes with no strings attached.

Explore and Test With Spiritual Hunger

We know that college life presents many challenges, choices, and tough questions, especially as students start to sort out which career they should choose. Campus Ministry brings God into the equation – as students think about their gifts and talents, we connect them to professionals from different fields living out their faith in the world of work and demonstrate the many ways in which Godliness can be manifested in everyday life. We nurture young people to grow into future leaders for congregations, in the workplace as well as for the ordained ministry, and we provide a community where everyone can be who they are.

Spiritual Hunger

According to Pastor Riina, Retreats and bible studies, encourage people to come to workship with their spiritual hunger. Vocation means the journey finding your special talents tht fits the world. It means looking at positvities, getting guidance and having encouragement. We affirm people to explore. With workshop and spiritual hunger, you think seperately away from the media and chaos.

Witness to the Gospel on Campus Belongs to the Whole Church

As our faith life proves over and over, when you give – you receive and the partnership between campus ministry and supporting congregations bears tremendous fruit for all involved. For example every fall LCM invites youth groups from CNY congregations to an football game and tailgate, or a concert providing a large scale youth event at the beginning of the program year.

Through the STEP Center students volunteers are connected to service projects run by congregations, and congregations often benefit from student volunteers, who paint, or tutor, build websites, run audiology clinics or lead a youth program.