Happy Birthday Rev. Paul Bosch 90 Years Young

Honor him with a donation by clicking the ‘Donation’ button on the top menu.
– Be inspired by the collection of Paul’s sermons and paintings.
– To celebrate his donation to LCM
– To receive a copy of his book “Wonder Love and Praise”

Following the steps to notify us:
1. Select “My gift is a tribute” and fill “my gift is in honor of Paul F. Bosch
2. Fill in the notification name: Rev. Jeffery Kane
3. Fill in the address information: 100 Berkeley Drive, Syracuse, NY, 13210

We will send you a copy of the book with the notification.



  1. Andrew Paulsen February 9, 2021 at 3:51 PM


    I tried to use the donate button on the computer and got to the payment page and chose Paypal. Then another screen came up with none of my address info on it and at the end it said I was from the United States.

    I am not from the United States. I am one of Paul Bosch’s Canadian friends — until the COVID lockdowns, we visited monthly for lunch! Anyway, if you can check if you got the donation — fine — maybe your computer programme takes my address from the Paypal page or something like that — I just wanted to be sure you received some money and I look forward to receiving the ‘Bosch book’!

    Andy Paulsen
    Cambridge, ON, Canada

  2. Craig A. Otto November 2, 2021 at 2:08 PM

    I had the great fortune to get to know Paul and Kathy Bosch, as well as their two daughters, Anna and Sarah, during my years as a graduate student at Syracuse University. I worked closely with Paul during the year Dean John McCombe was on sabbatical and Paul had a leadership role at Hendricks Chapel in addition to his duties as Lutheran chaplain. And I lived with Paul and his family in the house at the corner of Stratford St. and Berkeley Drive for a year while I finished up work on my doctoral degree.

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